Faith Lift is a very new product aimed towards more mature skin. Surgery is a very extreme choice to make and can be quite dangerous, this is the safe organic, relaxing way of making your skin feel and look younger.


The Faith Lift combines a powerful cocktail of lifting ingredients. It gently stimulates circulation and increases blood supply which can leave you quite flushed in the face after the treatment (this shows its working). It helps restore tone and elasticity for instant, noticeable lifted, firmer skin.All the ingredients are totally natural and contain no additives or preservatives. The main ingredient is Siberian Ginseng, which has numerous benefits. These include helping to boost collagen, creating fibroblasts and helping to minimise red veins. It also has good anti-oxidant properties. It is rich in Vitamin E and helps in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.





The treatment consits of thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating followed by an extremely relaxing face and neck massage after which a thin layer of the mask is applied to the face and neck.Anyone who isn’t convinced by the power of a mask to make a difference needs only to put on Faith Lift to realise that some masks do work. The tightening sensation is like nothing before .The mask is then removed and a cream is applied. Your skin will instantly seem plumper, softer and glowing.The Faith Lift, cant remove excess skin or cut away wrinkle lines, but can illiminate how deep wrinkles look and will leave skin feeling and looking tauter. It is recommend that you should have this treatment twice within the first week, then weekly for five weeks, then to carry it out on a monthly basis there after, this is suggested to maximise the effects to the best ability. 


I would advise anyone to have this treatment whether you have deep set wrinkles from smoking, deep frown lines, or only just noticing the signs of ageing. Not only is it extremely relaxing and soothing, it leaves you with fantastic results which can only give you a little boost.


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