Individual Lash Extensions

If you want fabulous looking lashes, this is the treatment for you. The individual semi-permanent lashes are placed throughout the eye creating full luscious lashes. The lashes come in varying lengths, thickness and colour depending on your personal preference, long fabulous lashes are often a favourite creating a WOW effect, or the more natural full effect is popular also. 

Infill & Maintenance


If you are looking to maintain lashes on a regular basis. Infills are usually required every 2/3 weeks depending on the growth rate of your natural lashes. 



Quick Flare Lashes


If you are in a hurry and would like a quick set of lashes, these are for you, flare lashes have 2 or more lashes on one strand, and can create a full flare effect in fast time, they do not last aslong as the individual lashes but still create a fab look.



Before your Lash appointment

*Remove all makeup as the lashes are to be placed onto clean fresh eyes. 

*If contacts are worn, please remove before coming to your appointment. 

*A patch test is offered, please ask when booking appointment.

*If you have light lashes, it is advised to have a lash tint 24-48hrs before having lash extensions to blend the natural lashes with the lash extensions, there is a 'light lashes package deal' located in package deals in the main menu.





*Do not allow water/ steam to come into contact with the lashes for 48hrs 

*Dot not perm or tint lashes 

*Do not use a mechanical eyelash curler 

*Do not rub the eyes when washing face 

*Only very gently pat lashes dry if required 

*It is recommended not to use make-up remover for 48hrs 

*Only use a non-oily make up remover 

*It is recommended not to wear mascara as removal can pull lashes out 

*If you require lashes to be removed do not pull, come back and I will remove them safely