All spray tans are done using Celebrity Secrets a very natural golden looking tan in just minutes. 


The tan is made in the UK from approved natural ingredients. The primary active ingredient is DHA (a derivative from sugar). The special formula is alcohol and oil free, with special penetrating agents and moisturisers to ensure an even, streak free tan with a fresh, light, fruity fragrance. 


The tan solutions come in varying shades, adapting to all natural skin tones. 


If you have arranged for a spray tan to be carried out please pay attention to the information below.

Before Appointment


*Shower and exfoliate all areas 

*Do not apply moisturisers, lotions, deodorant or perfume 

*Do not shave on the day of your session 

*Wear loose dark clothing and flip flops or sandals 


The Session

*I will provide a shower cap, disposable underwear are also available at request 

*If tan lines are required wear suitable underwear/ swimwear to create desired ‘tan lines’ 

*I will apply a barrier cream to fingernails and toenails 

*I will apply moisturiser to hands and feet 

*Your session will last around 20-30 mins allowing you time to dry before dressing 




*Do not shower or swim for at least 6 hours 

*Moisturise your skin frequently after you first shower to help maintain tan 

*Avoid physical activity for the first 6 hours