What is microblading? 


Its done using a disposable sterile hand held tool and a pigment ink, designed to create extremely fine hair like strokes into the top layer of the skin. Resulting in perfectly natural thicker/fuller brows. 


Its a two step process so after your first treatment a top up treatment will almost always be required to reach your finished brow, this should be done around 4-6 weeks after first treatment. 


Brows will fade between 40-60% after first treatment depending on your skin type. So for most people a top up is important. 


How long does microblading last? 


Depending on skin type and aftercare, the pigment will fade slowly within 12-18 months. 


A colour boost can be done within 6 months to keep brows looking fresh.


Is it painful?


It can be a little uncomfortable for those who are more sensitive. However a numbing cream is applied and for most is completely tolerable. 


How long will my treatment take? 


A patch test and consultation will be done prior to your appointment.


At your microblading appointment, we will discuss desired shape/look you want to create, we will then measure and map your brows accordingly to your face shape. Once you are happy with the newly drawn shape I will then continue to microblade your brows. 


All of this takes around 2hrs. 


Microblading cant be carried out on anyone that is;


*Pregnant or breastfeeding

*On any form of antibiotics at the time/lead up to appointment

*Had botox within 3 weeks of your brow appoinment



Before session & Aftercare


All this information is given to you at your consulation, then after your treatment is complete.